Hi Everyone, Thank you for stopping by!

My name is Krasi and this is my home on the world wide web.

I was born in Bulgaria, but moved to Chicago a long time ago with my family. As you can imagine, it was not an easy transition – starting with the completely new language to learn, new country, traditions, people and on top of that, half across the world from everything I knew before.

It was a challenging and exciting experience, a lot of funny moments, from lost-in-translation to lost for real on the streets of Chicago (there were no cell phones at the time 🙂 ). But somehow, I made it!

And just now, when everything is settled and some people will say, I am living the American Dream – corporate career, house, car, husband, and two kids, I decided to shake everything again and start from the bottom – switch finance for coding and web design!

I have always been fascinated with technology, so it was just logical that I would eventually start looking in that direction. As far as the actual hardware, that is exciting too – I always loved to take apart my toys, my grandpa’s watch and bunch of other things, just to see what is inside and what makes them tick. The problem was, when I was putting them back together – apparently, there were always more parts than what I started with. 🙂

So, fixing computers was kind of out of question! 

My other passions are travel and cooking – so I there you go, I thought, I will create a food blog and start sharing recipes. I did this for a while. And actually, this is what led me to the web development idea.

I used a ready template, which was ok for a person that did not have any tech skills, but as I continued using it, I wanted more. I wanted my custom backgrounds, fonts, layouts, I wanted my personal voice to be coming out of that website. I wanted to be able to code it and make it do anything I want.

And this is how it all started. I completed web design and development classes on Udemy and Skillcrush, continued to play and teach myself coding with fun projects and finally,  launched Design.Krasifico

Here, I will share my experience, travel adventures, and try to help anyone wishing to realize their dream of having their own web site that is high quality, unique and functional.

Lets create something awesome together!

Krasi 🙂